lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007

Do you lead a heathy life ?

do you lead a healthy life ?
Do you eat foood that contains fat ?
  1. Less than once a month.
  2. twice a month.
  3. more than twice a week.

How often do you eat vegetables ?

  1. Every day.
  2. Three or four times a week
  3. never

Do you eat sandwiches and sweets between meals ?

  1. Rarely or never.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Always

What time do you usually go to bed ?

  1. Ten.
  2. Eleven.
  3. After twelve.

How many hours a day do you sleep ?

  1. Eight
  2. More than eight
  3. Less than eight

Do you play sports or do physical activities?

  1. Twice or three times a week
  2. Once a week
  3. Rarely or never

How long do you watch TV a day?

  1. Two hours
  2. Two-Four hours
  3. More than five hours a day

How many hours a day do you play video games?

  1. Half an hour
  2. An hour
  3. Two hours or more

Do you smoke?

  1. No
  2. Sometimes
  3. Yes

Do you drink alcohol?

  1. No
  2. A glass of wine every day
  3. More than a glass


If most of your answer are 1:Congratulations! Your have healthy habits of eating and living;your opportuniyies of enjoying a long happier life are great.

If most of your answer are 2:You must certainly conscious how dangerous it is to keep bad habits like smoking or using drugs. Nevertheless you should be more careful with the quality of food you eat and the type of life you lead. Eat healthily and do physical activities.

If most of your answer are 3:Yor are leading a very unhealthy life. You should change your diet. It is wise to do some physical exercise and have walks two or three times a week. Specialized medicine can help you to modify your habits and improve your life. Make the effort and you will enjoy the benefits.

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