lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

Trabajo Practico 1º año "A" - Healthy Life.

Do you lead a healthy life?
School Project

Working Group:
Emanuel Mendoza
M. Belén Milesi
Juan Ignacio Monasterio
Julieta Parle
Mercedes Picciotto

Year and division: 1º "A"

Subject: English

Teacher: Maria Inés Agusti

Year: 2007


School Project

Title: Healthy Life

Objectives: The importance of leading a healthy life.
Healthy habits: Food – drinks – leisure activities – sports.
Difference between healthy and unhealthy – habits.
Habits and activities that spoil people’s lives destroying self-esteem, the ability to work, to study, to enjoy family, friends, to enjoy life.

Point of grammar: Routines: Present simple - do/does.
Adverbs of frequency.
Interrogative pronouns.

Vocabulary: Every activities – leisure activities
Food and drinks
Open questions – Yes/No questions
Answer Long/Short

--------------- Folder
---------------- Video – pictures – food pyramid – etc.
To do during the exhibition

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