jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2007



Gramáticales: Sustantivos contables e incontables - some any - like, would like - many much.
Vocabulary: distintos nombres de comidas y bebidas .
Everyday English: como formular pedidos amables Can/ Could you...........
Writing: redacción de listas de compras con el artículo cantidad y precio. Recetas de comidas con información nutricional.
Reading and listening: texto" La comida alrededor del mundo" y el artículo " the big man". Película " Super size me", "Una vida peligrosa" análisis y reflexión.

ACTIVITIES: students ......
1 look at differents recipes on the internet at www.dillards.com/info/sitemap.jsp, www.harrods.com, www.target.com and in groups they make one recipe including: title, time of preparation, ingredients and steps.
2 they create a document with pictures of the dish and cooking instructions by hand or on the computer.
3 After class, scan the recipes or format them in html and link the recipes to a central homepage.

4 choose a recipe to send to a partner school.
5 have the partner school send your school a recipe
6 each class tries to cook the other school`s recipe at home.
7 via email the students comment on their impressions:
-Was it difficult to cook?
-Could they get all the ingredients?
-If not, what did they do? Did you buy another one ?
- Did it taste good?
Remember to take photographs to illustrate the cookbook and include the nutritional information.
They can bring the food to school for other group to try.

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